Starlight Bridge (Cau Anh Sao)

From time to time, I read from other expat blogs and forums on what it is like to live in Vietnam, specifically in Ho Chi Minh City.  There are those who fully immerse themselves in the culture — living in Vietnamese communities, those who are in the middle who live in areas where there are foreigners and locals, and those who live in gated expat communities.

I believe I’m in the middle BUT people might not agree since Phu My Hung is largely an expat area.  I have more Korean neighbours than Vietnamese.  BUT I work with the locals a whole lot both in my freelance and regular jobs.

Honestly, I like living in the Phu My Hung area, because it provides an environment that’s safe for kids to play.  And for a mom, that’s important.  I also enjoy that I can just walk to nearby stores and offices and buy grocery or pay my bills; spend an afternoon at the park or just walk around the PMH area.

Last Saturday afternoon, I did just that when I walked to Crescent all the way from Sky.  For serious walkers, that’s nothing but for someone who was rushing to get to class at the Crescent Wellness, it wasn’t easy.  I huffed and puffed over Starlight Bridge that connected the canal district but I was blessed with overcast skies, cool breeze, and interesting scenes — couples portrait session for weddings, kids playing kites, and friends just hanging out.

I don’t get to see so much of that in Manila.  And though I was rushing to get to my class, I had to stop a bit and just take it all in.  I especially loved my walk on the way back from class and saw the Starlight Bridge all lit up!  Wish I brought a camera!

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What a lovely day!

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4 Responses to Starlight Bridge (Cau Anh Sao)

  1. Melanie Putra says:


    Any recommendation for where to go for a meal after seeing the Starlight Bridge? I was told the water show is only between 6 to 8pm.. Coming from District 1, it’s good if we can combine the bridge with dinner nearby..


    • Lyra says:

      There are lots of restaurants at Crescent overlooking Starlight Bridge. We usually eat at Tokyo Deli and La Cucina. There are a lot more there.

  2. VyniQue says:

    Hi, could you pls kindly elaborate how to get to Starlight Bridge? Thanks!!

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