Postcrossing Spotlight

In, they do a Postcrossing Spotlight in their blog where they feature long-time postcrossers.  And since I’ve only been a member for 9 months, I doubt that I’ll have the spotlight on me anytime in the near future.  And so, why not do it myself, eh?

How did you come across Postcrossing?  What got you hooked?

A friend posted on her Facebook Wall about Postcrossing.  I got curious and registered. After receiving my first postcard from Hongkong, there is no turning back.  And the fact that Vietnam have lots and lots of beautiful postcards, you just can’t help but want share it to everyone in the world.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Umm… blogging?

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

My happy mailbox that received 9 postcards just this Wednesday. Dusty. I know. 😛

My happy mailwoman from the post office.

A postcard of our post office in District 1

Inside the post office

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

I can’t really just pick one but this postcard of Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima came right after the recent big 9.0 earthquake this year in Japan.

Happy postcrossing everyone!

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2 Responses to Postcrossing Spotlight

  1. Khalilah says:

    Bookmarked, I enjoy your blog! 🙂

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