Spotted: From Metternich to Hitler

Every time friends and family visit us, I use this template for my Saigon Day Tour.  We change it up a bit from time to time but basically, that is my standard places to visit here in Saigon.  So you can imagine that I’ve been to the Reunification Palace a lot of times.  In less than two years, I visited the palace for the 7th time today.

On my first visit, I took a whole lot of photos.  Seven visits after, I try not to take as much photos but if you’ve seen the palace, it’ll be difficult to ignore the trigger itch.  Vietnam is so rich in history and culture and sometimes, all you can do is capture it’s essence through photographs.

Today, what caught my eye is one of the English books that somehow found it’s way in the Vietnamese shelf of the president’s library, From Metternich to Hitler which is an account of British and foreign history from 1814 to 1939.  I don’t think this book is still in circulation — even Amazon is just selling 10 used books on this title.

I imagine I’ll see the palace again for a couple more times before we head on home to Manila… and truth be told, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired visiting it.  I just hope it’ll still surprise me when I come back again.

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