Sack it Up!

My Dad first visited Vietnam more than a decade ago and he would regale me with stories about people bringing a bayong (bag of native material) of money.  Of course I didn’t believe him until I saw these photos from my friend, Issa.

She caught a woman depositing money at the bank the other day.  Looks like the woman in the photo is taking out wads of cash from a sack.  Oh boy!  I wish I had that much money!

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3 Responses to Sack it Up!

  1. chenjunyuan says:

    It is interesting from a sociological perspective. Why on earth would the people hoard their money? There might be a practical explanation. 🙂

  2. Lyra says:

    Well it can be a payment for some transaction. But then again, why not do a bank-to-bank transfer, no?

  3. Snooki says:

    Lol. Yeah so true. My dad told me that my grandpa once let his bag with cash fell into the sea, when he went to saigon to buy a house there. And he dove right after it.

    I think the reason why they hoard money is because they don’t trust banks. When saigon fell in 1975 and they changed the currency. People who’ve got money in the bank lost all their money. Because the communists just refused to pay up of course and they invented new rules. Like they also let every individual only change a certain amount of money into the new currency. So it really didn’t matter if you’re were super rich. Some people even gave money to others becaused they’d reached their limit. I think that’s also a reason (and inflation) why vietnamese untill this day try to buy gold and dollars.

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