Bag Vina

Ok so finally, I was able to visit Bag Vina with visiting friends.

Bag Vina sells bags from Crumpler, North Face, Jack Wolfskin, Bree, Lacoste and more.

It was difficult stopping myself from buying a bag which I don’t really need at this time.  But I’m glad my friend was able to get a Crumpler bag he liked.

The price here is a tad bit pricier than what you see in Saigon Square 1 and 2 because they sell originals complete with tags — well at least they say so.  The craftsmanship of the bags, from inspection, is impeccable.

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Bag Vina
52M Nguyen Huu Hao St.,
District 4, Ward 6, HCMC

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2 Responses to Bag Vina

  1. Raz Garnett says:

    Thank you for sharing this information

    Welcome all you to BAGVINA.COM

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