Just this morning, I read that yesterday, the price of taxi fare (Mai Linh and Vinasun) increased by 1,000 VND per kilometer.  Then on my way home today, I had to fill out a survey questionnaire in the Dong Khoi-PMH bus about their service, routes, and fare price increase.  What did I think was a fair fare?  Of course I picked out the lowest increase – 2,000 VND.  Um…why would I pick 3,000 or 4,000 from the multiple choice question?  I forgot to put in the suggestions that they should have a specific pick up point with someone handling the lines.  Every time I have to ride the darn bus during rush hour, I have to claw my way into the doors.  They should do something about that first before they do another price increase — which they just did exactly a month ago.

Everything is going up.

Well, except for the Pizza Hut building that collapsed hours before it’s inauguration last April 2 in Hanoi.  Now that’s scary especially, that the natural disaster known as Earthquake, is making its round in South East and South Asia. 😦  How safe are the buildings in Vietnam?

Then of course you sprinkle that news with the reports that Cesium 131, 134, and 137 are forming a convention in our country — radioactive materials from Japan.


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