Crescent Wellness is Now Open for Membership!

Last December, I was ranting that Crescent Wellness is open only for Crescent residents.  But guess what?  Crescent is now open to membership for everyone interested to use their facilities.  With topnotch facilities and trainors, who can say no to that, right?

They’re offering a pre-opening wellness membership for the month of April at 1,388 USD a year which includes:

  • Full use of gym or studio
  • Group fitness activities
  • Electronic lockers and wet floor areas
  • Complimentary use of swimming pool and squash court
  • Two complimentary PT sessions
  • Complimentary Herbalife nutritious shake
  • One complimentary Kinesis training
  • Two weeks complimentary trial use of Crescent Welness for one family member or friend

For more information, contact them:

Crescent Wellness
3rd Floor Crescent Plaza
105 Ton Dat Tien St., PMH
Tan Phu Ward, D7
(848) 5415 8888 extension 4016

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5 Responses to Crescent Wellness is Now Open for Membership!

  1. rose says:

    hello everyone! I live near this place and i went to practice gym here.It is modern and ok for do exercises here.But the services and the attitude with the customers is not good.They are rude with the customers .Acctually,i want to go on doing exercises here.But iam very sad about this.I think it is too new so their staff still are trained how to eager to the customers

  2. Lyra says:

    Thanks Rose for the feedback!

  3. rose says:

    That is ok now,The management have solved the problems very kind.Wish you will have more customers!

  4. Kate Huynh says:

    Although the service there is ok but seem like the attitude of staff are extremely rude, especially with Vietnamese young people. They discriminate between foreigners and Vietnamese. When I asked them for more information. They don’t even stand up to talk with me. When I was not clear about the given information and asked them one more time. They replied: “I said that and you did not understand me huh”. Crescent should basically train their staff a better way to serve their customer.

  5. Club Director says:

    Dear All, Thank you for your feedback. As the Director I have addressed the issue with the team and I apologize for the inconvenience.We always strive to educate our staff on the manners and dealing with our valued members. Its a constant challenge for us but we assure you can always highlight such issues and we look forward to your feedback.

    You can contact us further by email at .

    Thank You.

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