Dog Trainer in Ho Chi Minh City

Helping a fellow Filipino get the word out there.  This might be helpful too as I’ve been seeing an influx of dogs in our area.

Adrian, a Philippine K-9 Search and Rescue Volunteer is offering Basic Obedience Training and Behavior Modification to dogs.

He has also won several obedience competitions in the Philippines.

Call him at +841284160897.

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3 Responses to Dog Trainer in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Kenny Stewart says:

    Hi. Im interested in using your services. Can you contact me with more details please? I live in Phu My Hung District 7.




  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Kenny. Please contact the dog trainer, Adrian directly. He doesn’t check this page often.


  3. Anh says:

    Is he still doing the service? For all sizes and breeds? Thank you.

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