Pew and Far Between

Another favorite structure in Saigon is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Sure, it’s a famous tourist attraction…and even non-Catholics use this Cathedral as backdrop for their wedding photos.  But for Catholics, it’s a refuge.

With it’s high ceilings, stained glass windows, French and Gothic inspired architecture, it can be a bit imposing. But for me, it’s like I’ve come home.  Huge religious statues unnerve me but I find that is not the case here.

I especially like the alcoves where you can quietly light candles and say your prayers to your chosen devotion.  Almost always, I find myself at the foot of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.
 With only one English Mass every Sunday at 9:30 AM, foreigners easily fill up the huge Cathedral with a number of people standing at the back.  I’ve actually never seen the Cathedral during Mass half empty.  It’s almost always packed and may be the reason why it has no pews except for the front seats around the altar.
 Notice the French floor tiles?

I just love how much attention was given to details.  But then again, I’ve always enjoyed seeing old churches.  And it hasn’t changed much from the olden days:
Another lovely postcard with the Notre Dame Cathedral in watercolors:

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