Saigon Opera House

I think that the Saigon Opera House or the Municipal Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings in Saigon.

Whenever I pass it, I can’t help but take a snapshot — it simply begs for a photoshoot.  You can take a photo of it any time of the day, and it’ll photograph wonderfully.

Wikipedia tells me that it was built in 1897 by the French architect, Ferret Eugene and was originally used by the Lower House assembly for South Vietnam.

I must admit that I have no architecture background whatsoever but can I just say that I love the aesthetic beauty of this structure?  It is too bad that I haven’t seen postcards with the Opera House as the subject except for one which I unearthed in the back of the book shop along Dong Khoi St. taken in 2000 and with the roof colored red:

And this old black and white postcard:

Other than those, I haven’t seen a current shot of the Saigon Opera House in a postcard.  Hanoi’s Opera House has one:

Hmmm…might just produce em myself through Moo.

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