Camera Hunting

We’ve been hunting for a good and reliable camera shop to purchase a Canon Powershot G11 or G12.  Hubby and I did our homework on specs, pricing, and budget — so we were pretty ready to buy one.  We’ve also compared prices on those selling online in Ho Chi Minh City.  A G12 cost anywhere from  9.6M to 14M++ VND.

Our friend, Alex gave us a lead where to shop for one and that’s in the Saigon Tax Trade Center along Nguyen Hue Blvd.

Camera shops can be found on the 1st floor at the left side behind the maze of jewelry displays.  I think there were just 3 or 4 shops side-by-side each other selling more or less the same stuff.

I went to first to the recommended shop by our friend who was only selling G12.  Since I wanted to compare prices I went to the next shop, Kiet Camera.  Mr. Kiet (in the photo) explained to me the difference between a G11 and G12 and was patient with my questions.  He was also selling the G12 30 dollars cheaper than the other shop so I was hooked. 😛  G11 is 70 dollars cheaper.    I thought of paying in plastic but I was informed that I’ll be charged 3% more. So, I paid in VND and the forex was at 20,760 to a dollar which is a good rate.

So there, you might want to check out Saigon Tax Trade Center if you’re looking for a good camera shop.

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