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Meet Mr. Hoang Xuan Tho.  He owns Bookazine, the nha sach at 28 Dong Khoi St., Q1. Amidst the growing number of hotels, boutiques and souvenir shops catering to tourists along Dong Khoi St., his bookshop remains steadfast.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Let’s roll…

This isn’t my set of wheels.  I can’t muster enough courage to get on a bike with my son, much more with two!  I have yet to see a bike with 3 kid seats — which I hope doesn’t exist. But … Continue reading

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Airfare Price Hike

When we arrived in Vietnam in 2009, the exchange rate was $1 ~ 17,800 VND.  Today, it’s at 20,700 and if you buy in the black market (if you can find one), it’s 21,000 VND.  A huge world of difference. … Continue reading

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Black Cat Burgers

After the Holy Week, don’t you think it’s just right to chomp on a burger? And not just any burger!  Try Black Cat’s ginormous burger! 😀  So huge that we had to cut this into sections like pizza.  Suffice to … Continue reading

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Saigon Zoo

No, you’re not imagining things.  There ARE two primates in the cage.  One is an orangutan staring at the crowd of onlookers and another is a homo sapien sending text messages. 🙂  Flatmates? Interesting scene in the Saigon Zoo and Botanical … Continue reading

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Mung Chua Phuc Sinh

Happy Easter everyone! What a wonderful celebration today in Church! I know I don’t look it but now I can feast (again)! 🙂 The Lord liveth and blessed be my rock and let the God of my salvation be exalted! … Continue reading

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Pew and Far Between

Another favorite structure in Saigon is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Sure, it’s a famous tourist attraction…and even non-Catholics use this Cathedral as backdrop for their wedding photos.  But for Catholics, it’s a refuge. With it’s high ceilings, stained glass windows, … Continue reading

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