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Broken Windows

Hai Trieu St. was closed this afternoon from traffic.  I’m not sure why but everyone was looking up the Bitexco Financial Tower.  And when I looked up myself, I saw a couple of broken windows marring the tower’s sleek facade. … Continue reading

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Sticky Delights from Central Vietnam

Days like this remind me why I like going to the office.  Yummy food brought by officemates from their provinces!  And as usual, I forgot to ask where exactly the food came from.  As long as I get to feast … Continue reading

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Angry Birds!!!

Sorry, I can’t resist but join in the Angry Birds bandwagon.  Although I’ve stopped playing this game already, my family is still quite hooked on the game. That’s why when I saw these stuffed toy at Hanah’s (as I was … Continue reading

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Pre-Loved Books for Sale

Doing some de-cluttering at home.  Drop me a line if you’re interested in any of these books. 🙂        

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Queenland Mart

Last Friday, May 27 saw the opening of Queenland Mart nestled between the ground floor of Sky Garden 2 and 3.   It replaced the In Style furniture shop that moved to a new location. For us living in Sky … Continue reading

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Bed Weather

Saigon doesn’t really get hit with a lot of typhoons.  Yes, we get the rainy season too — frequent rainy afternoons just as you are about to step out of the office.  Add the motorbike population to the equation and … Continue reading

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Ma qua!

Here are a couple of really expensive canned goods here in Vietnam.  Spam price starts from 65,000 VND (3 USD++) while the SW Corned Beef is 85,000 VND (4 USD++). In huge supermarkets, you’d find these with security tags or … Continue reading

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Ho Tung Mau St.

The thing with Saigon is (and probably in Hanoi too or any other developed areas in Vietnam) that shops along streets don’t necessarily have a certain theme.  Sure, there may be a street dedicated to leather goods, a street for … Continue reading

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Sidewalks are for Pedestrians

Not! Well at least not in Vietnam.  Sidewalks are for people on motorbikes, for motorbike parking, and for peddlers. Bayani Fernando* will have a field day here. One time, I was walking hand-in-hand with my son on the sidewalk and we … Continue reading

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Just for laughs…

Just a couple of pics that my Filipino friends would find funny… and so sorry for this next blurry photo because a darn bus blocked my view right as I was supposed to take a photo.  Had to try to … Continue reading

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