Propaganda Stuff

If you’re into propaganda paraphernalia, Saigon Kitsch is a must visit.

Bags, coasters, placemats, notebooks, shot glass, are just a few of their souvenir products showing propaganda-inspired designs.

Last time, I bought myself a couple of boxes of coasters.  And this time, I bought yet again because, they also have the plastic ones — vinyl I think that will last longer than the previous ones I bought.  And I just like how brilliant the colors looked because of the new material.
Propaganda-type of billboards are all-over Saigon such as this at the corner of Nguyen Du and Dong Khoi streets:
If you want a piece of that to take home, you can get some coasters or may be some mugs. 😀

Happy non Labor Day everyone!

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1 Response to Propaganda Stuff

  1. Kathleen says:

    I like this store. They have nice Vietnam-themed memo pads as well. 🙂

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