Beach Club Resort

Beach Club Resort

We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to relax outside Saigon during the four-day weekend, especially with my brother visiting — but it seemed that everyone else had the same thing in mind.  It was not easy getting plane tickets and finding accommodations.  We ended up leaving for Phu Quoc by the end of the holiday.  Luckily, Beach Club Resort had 2 rooms available.  This popular resort only had 4 bungalows (which I initially wanted but all were fully-booked), and 6 rooms.  If you check Trip Advisor, this resort is number 4!  But it was actually the experience of friends who have spent their vacation in Beach Club before that convinced us to book our stay.

And it was a breeze to book accommodations because, Mike, the owner, answered all my emails, my call, and even my non-booking related questions about Phu Quoc quickly.  He didn’t even ask for a reservation deposit — just our flight details.

Beach Club doesn’t have airport transfers service but in Phu Quoc, just get on a Sasco or Mai Linh Taxi, and you’re good to go.  The Sasco taxis are way better I think.  When we arranged for a taxi to bring us around the island, Beach Club’s pick is Sasco.

With 6 rooms and 4 bungalows, Beach Club has an intimate and relaxing feel to it.  Even if all the rooms are occupied, meaning there were around 20 people + the staff, it was relatively quiet.  In the middle of the resort is a small bar/restaurant serving great food!  Spread all over the resort facing Long Beach are beach chairs and hammocks enticing you to just lay back, sunbathe, read a book, or sleep.  Did I mention the food?  🙂

Our accommodations included a double-sized bed with mosquito net, a bathroom with hot water, a couple of electric fans, a huge cabinet, and a coffee table set.  Beach Club would like to maintain a back-to-the-basics feel so there are no A/Cs nor TVs.  With Phu Quoc being a tropical island, mosquitoes are part of the population so it would be best to put on mosquito repellents and use the mosquito net!

Despite the summer heat in Phu Quoc, I slept well in our room and on a beach chair.  I think I slept too much actually.  The evenings in Phu Quoc are quite cool so it was really a treat to just sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to the crashing of waves on the shore.

It truly was a wonderful stay in Beach Club with the well-maintained resort grounds, friendly staff, and good food!

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3 Responses to Beach Club Resort

  1. Dani says:

    Oh that looks lovely! We tried to get to PQ but flights were booked. Definitely next time.

  2. Lyra says:

    Yes Dani, it was lovely! I’m sure your kids will love it!

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