Night Market @ Phu Quoc

One of the highlights of our stay in Phu Quoc was going to the Night Market — well at least for me. 🙂  Night Market = Shopping.  Enough said.

But we were pleasantly surprised that the Night Market (4:30 PM – 12 MN) at Vo Thi Sau St. has two parts:  food and souvenirs.  So before we were able to finish the whole stretch of Vo Thi Sau St., we all wanted to go back to eat and sample the yummy seafood being prepared by a number of mini-restaurants.

We ended up eating at Cat Food just because it sounded funny.  😀  Actually, the place was packed with foreigners all wanting to tell the story when they get back home that they ate at Cat Food. 😛

We weren’t disappointed of our choice though.  The food was truly unforgettable.  And our table had so much food on it that it was quite embarrassing when the other customers would glance our way.  We had a huge table compared to the others and we hardly had enough space.  But the matter of fact is, we ordered really well. 🙂  And my uni / sea urchin grilled with peanuts and garlic was heaven.  I really want to go back just to eat uni again.  We ordered the sour soup again but it tasted way different more spicy than what we ordered in Sao Beach.  I prefer the Sao Beach version.

I was able to score some beautiful postcards in the Night Market, as well as, some souvenir combs for my friends.  When we started buying those from the other places we visited in PQ, the combs cost 40,000 VND each.  But at the Night Market, it only cost 25,000 VND plus we got a freebie. 😀

Among those being sold in the market were pearls, pearls, and more pearls.  It was just too much that by the end of the stretch the road, I seriously wanted to buy pearls again.

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    It is always rare to find advised individuals within this issue, nevertheless, you seem like you understand what you are writing about! Thanks a lot

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