Taxi Woes

A bit of a rant here.

I’m wondering why the taxi company in Lotte Mart in District 7 is Vinasun.  If I remember correctly, it was Mai Linh for the longest time.  Now, Vinasun taxi drivers assigned here are not knowledgeable about the Phu My Hung area at all.  We’ve rode a number and we almost always had to explain how to get to our place which is just 30,000 VND away.  And most cannot speak English.

I know that when in Rome, you must do as the Romans do and conform to how things are done… but I wish that before they changed taxi companies, the drivers were oriented about the area they will be servicing.  And it’s no secret that the Phu My Hung area is home to a lot of foreigners.

Last night, my sister and her friends who were visiting, rode a Vinasun taxi from Lotte Mart.  They gave our address and the taxi driver proceeded to take them to Thang May on to Parkson Paragon.  We live in Sky Garden. 😦  In the end, my sister had to insist that they get off and find another cab and even the driver hailed another taxi (different company).  For all the Vinasun’s driver incompetence, he was adamant to get paid 75,000 VND.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Part of servicing is being able to deliver.  And clearly, the Vinasun driver didn’t.

On top of that, my sister and her friends had to pay another cab to get to our place.  And we all know that the taxi fare in Saigon has been increasing steadily since January.

I’ve sent a complaint to Vinasun which I know will fall on deaf ears.  So commuters out there, be sure to know where you’re going and know at least the basic directional Vietnamese terms.

Bring back Mai Linh to Lotte Mart please.

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4 Responses to Taxi Woes

  1. danny says:

    agree, overall Mai Linh performance is better.

    sometimes, vinasun driver pretend they dont know the way in order to get extra cash.

    but then again, in terms of rating, mai linh is always no 1 and vinasun is no 2…..

  2. Lyra says:

    Don’t get me wrong — lots of Vinasun cabbies are okay but just not in the Phu My Hung area — in my observation. I prefer riding the Vinasun taxis because most are newer and have those Innova ones with a lot more aircon vents.

    I just wish they can service better.

  3. Yu says:

    I’m with Lyra… people won’t go over a nice just because it’s nice. Most likely a customer will come back if the service is over rating or at least good.

    Ciao Saigon we had a nice experience and stay there… See you soon and hopefully we will have a good conversation… Learn English it won’t hurt!

  4. diep lecoq tran says:


    not only Vinasun in Phu My Hung are like that, even the ones downstairs Lotte Mart in district 11…
    that’s why now I prefer to call Mailinh even if it means waiting longer.

    I speak vietnamese, and believe me, this is not a matter of language, they just like to get more money from you, pretending to not know the road, even for some very well known places…

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