Ho Tung Mau St.

The thing with Saigon is (and probably in Hanoi too or any other developed areas in Vietnam) that shops along streets don’t necessarily have a certain theme.  Sure, there may be a street dedicated to leather goods, a street for vaults and safety deposit boxes of all sizes or a street-full of shops selling swimwear — but more often than not you’d find shops oddly flanked with each other.

Ho Tung Mau St. is popular for some known establishments like Nhu Lan and the Bitexco Financial Tower.  Just that combination is a bit weird right?  A financial establishment right beside Saigon’s longstanding carinderia. 🙂

In the same street you’d find appliance shops, a smattering of Vietnamese eateries, hotels (that are really hostels) like Saigon Pink Hotel and Tan Hai Long 3, and some gems you won’t think you’d find.  Gems like the Librairie Francaise and FLOW which is one of the best restaurants in town.

Interestingly, Librairie Francaise is housed in one of the old French-inspired buildings with elaborate designs on its pillars.  There’s a Voodoo shop too — but I haven’t really checked what that is.

 So don’t be disheartened if you happen to walk along a street selling odds and ends, I’m pretty sure, Saigon will surprise you on your next turn.

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