Queenland Mart

Last Friday, May 27 saw the opening of Queenland Mart nestled between the ground floor of Sky Garden 2 and 3.   It replaced the In Style furniture shop that moved to a new location.

For us living in Sky Garden (especially in SG-3), this is an exciting development!  No need to walk 15 minutes to Fivi Mart for grocery items anymore.  Although Fivi provides delivery service, having a grocery nearby is convenient especially if you need items ASAP or when it is raining (covered area connecting to Queenland).

It’s not fully stocked as I hoped for but what you can expect from a small grocery, right?  But it has the essentials.  They do delivery as well but the attendants couldn’t quite tell me how much is the minimum purchase to avail of free delivery.

The milk section offers a lot of brands but not the brand I needed — Nestle 1+. 😦  So had to buy this instead.

Yup, they’ve got those security tags around the milk too — like you can steal a huge can without anyone noticing, right?

Saw this new C2 variant as well which reminds me of Real Leaf’s new products.

And no, you can’t take photos I think because they have some attendants in casual clothing going ’round the store and checking on pasaway customers like me. 🙂

They DON’T accept credit card transactions (at least not yet) so hubby had to run to the nearest ATM for some cash.

It’s their 3rd day only so the cashiers are still getting into the groove of things.  The cashier in my lane had a bit of hard time punching in our groceries and mistakenly punched in the wrong price for the pork we bought.  We only bought half-kilo and the price was for 2 kilos.  Tsk. Tsk.  Learning curve.

Anyway, the cashiers and attendants were all very pleasant and helpful and hopefully their shelves will be filled with more items.  And I also hope they can amp the aircon a bit more.  It was really hot in some areas.

They also have an area selling children’s toys which includes Lego, Barbie, Hotwheels,Fisher Price, and yes, even Leap Frog!  Scary place to bring a kid with you while doing grocery-shopping.  Luckily, we got away with a small Hotwheels purchase only.

Queenland Mart
36/25 Sky Garden 2
Pham Van Nghi,
Tan Phong Ward, D7

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3 Responses to Queenland Mart

  1. Jay Hughes says:

    There is a QueenLandMart in Belleza Condominium on Pham Huu Lao in Phu My

    Their CASH REGISTER has been programmed to round off the totals. For example, I bought goods totalling VND304,012.100 from them. The cash register total was rounded to VNBD305,013 – giving themselves and extra VND900 in their pocket.

    I spoke to the manager and he said “No one wants change”. But HE obviously likes the change.

    I realise some people think this is small change but as someone who spends VND4-5,000,000 weekly in cash purchases these small amounts soon mount up.

    I once met the director of Co-Op Mart and he chuckled as he told me Co-Op makes MILLIONS each and every day by not making change. That’s MILLIONS every day and BILLIONS every year.

    The VN law requires that vendors make change. If they don’t have change they are required to give change in the nearest amount they have ABOVE the amount owed. This is a State Bank of VietNam / Ministry of Finance regulation.

    It’s also why I refuse to alight from a taxi unless I get change pursuant to the rules.

    Think I’m petty? Not really, my company runs accounting systems that add up these amounts. We multiply the total excess by a factor of 500 at the end of the year and this is distributed to ‘worthy causes’ that support the homeless and poor people of TP HCM.

    P.S. Parking lots HATE VND200 – in fact they often don’t take them and you get free parking!

  2. Jay Hughes says:

    Correction. The rounded up amount was VND304,013 (from VND304,012.100) not VND305,013.

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