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Rock Climbing at Buu Long by Push Climbing

I love wall climbing!  But I’ve stopped long ago back in the days where my arms weren’t flabby.  So when Push Climbing opened here, I was ecstatic because I can start climbing again.  Sadly, with work and all, I haven’t … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Love Living in Saigon

 Traffic is not so bad.  You don’t know what traffic means unless you’ve lived in Manila or Jakarta. The business district is conducive for walking.  You can walk anywhere. Lots of parks around.  Love the really tall forest trees.  You … Continue reading

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Five things I dislike when grocery-shopping in Saigon

 You have to leave your bag at the lockers.  If not, they use a plastic cuff on all the zippers.  Then when you pay, they scramble for scissors.  Also, because of this policy, you have to carry your wallet and … Continue reading

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Spotted: Seafood-Flavored French Fries

Jollibee again?  Fastfood again?  Yup. 🙂 Does Jollibee serve Seafood-Flavored French Fries in the Philippines? I actually liked this new addition to Jollibee’s menu.  Yum!  Wish that Jollibee were somewhere nearer to District 7. For some reason, we don’t have … Continue reading

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UMA Opens a New Shop

UMA will be opening its huge store at the Sapphire Tower in Saigon Pearl in Binh Thanh District on July 1, 2011. In honor of the grand opening, they will offer discounts.  To avail of the discount you can: Download … Continue reading

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Annam Coffee

We stumbled upon Annam Coffee walking from the shoe avenue to church. Found along Truong Dinh Street in District 3, it’s a nice and quiet cafe in the afternoon and a lively pub in the evening. I liked how spacious the … Continue reading

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If the Shoe Fits

Well, I’m pretty sure it will!  A couple of blocks along Ly Chinh Thang Street in District 3 is dedicated to shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Heard this place from a friend (Thanks Thines and Malou!) and this place didn’t … Continue reading

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Nose Bleed-Free Day

“Nose bleed” is a term we use when we’re stressed out about something.  The influx of call center companies in the Philippines propelled the word “nose bleed” to refer to the stress when speaking in a foreign tongue (specifically English) … Continue reading

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Fire Drill!

It was just my luck that today, the day after I twisted my ankle, our office building had a fire drill. Of all days!  It had to be today!  It was either I hide in the restroom or be one … Continue reading

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David Archuleta in ‘Nam

This morning while reading the papers, I came across this half page article on David Archuleta!  He’s coming to Vietnam!!!  For an American Idol fanatic such as I, this is great news. 😀 I missed him in Manila when he … Continue reading

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