Chosen Band

“Not because I’m Filipino means I can sing.”

I’ve heard this line time and again during gatherings with friends here when asked by expats to sing.  I’m sorry but not all Filipinos can sing.  My brother can attest to that.

I think the love for music, specifically for Karaoke / Videoke, is not solely a Filipino-thing.  For starters, karaoke finds it roots in Japan.

But then again, anywhere you go, you’d be sure to find Filipinos singing in bands.  In Malaysia, I’ve listened to a Filipino band in Langkawi.  Here in Vietnam, I came across such bands or groups in Nha Trang, then here in Ho Chi Minh City at Seventeen Saloon and Au Lac do Brazil.  There even was an acoustic group before performing in the Snowy Creamery ice cream parlor.  Oh and even our church choir is mostly made up of Filipinos singing and playing instruments.

The Chosen Band performs at Au Lac do Brazil.  So if you’re wanting to pair your steaks with good live music from talented Pinoys, be sure to check them out from Friday to Sunday.

Not all Filipinos can sing but there sure are a LOT who can.

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2 Responses to Chosen Band

  1. C. says:

    Hey, I’m trying to contact Filipino bands for this event I am planning, please let me know a way I could contact this band. Please text it to me 0907600897. Thanks. Mara.

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