Phu Hoang Anh Shop

My friend Anh is a serial entrepreneur at such a young age too.  A couple of friends and I have been helping her out a bit and have partnered with a few of her businesses, specifically the laundry and ticketing/travel tours.

But there’s just no stopping her from expanding her shop.  From real estate and interior decoration, she opened another shop to house her salon, fashion house, and the laundry/ticketing.

The shop is still getting organized but the salon side is already operational and I’m so happy that she got my former hairstylist, Hiep, back!

Clothes and knick-knacks have filled the shop to the brim.  So I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone here.

Spotted Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer at 50,000 VND each….

and this sexy err… scented belts…hmmm…

If you would like to buy clothes by bulk from her, Phu Hoang Anh offers discounts.

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Phu Hoang Anh
S43-2 Sky Garden 3

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