Ombrophobia, n. – the fear of rain or being rained on.

It has been raining a lot lately.  Last week, it would just rain pretty hard in the afternoon.  But now, the heavens’ sprinkler system seems to be on the whole day.

So today, I armed myself with my trusty umbrella (when I went out) only to realize that people over here don’t necessarily use the umbrella when it’s just drizzling out — not the Vietnamese nor the Koreans that live in our area.  Even if they have babies and kids with them, they don’t automatically bring out their umbrellas when it starts to rain.  Nor do they head to covered areas ASAP like we Filipinos do.

In the Philippines, with the first sign of rain — dark clouds looming overhead, people panic and head for cover.  But here, people seem to enjoy walking around under the drizzling rain.  More often than not, the Vietnamese would open their umbrellas when the sun is shining high.  They hate the sun here I tell yah.  Me?  I’m already dark-skinned — nothing the sun can change.

One time I was walking along the promenade of Sky Garden and it started to rain a bit.  I was ready to open my umbrella BUT amidst the people, kids, and babies all loitering about with no care about the rain, I hesitated.  Actually, I braved the rainshower because none of the people around dared to open an umbrella!

Now I know why we Filipinos are so sickly during the rainy season.  Our bodies never adjusted to such conditions and never had “rain” immunity because we all cower in fear with the first droplets.  And drug companies hinge on this “fear” — that’s why vitamins and multivitamins are rockstars in the pharma business. 😀

And what’s a little rain compared to motorbike riders riding it out in heavy rain with only raincoats to shield them from the cold?

photo gabbed from twenty questions*

When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do — but I’ll just take a couple of Vitamin C tablets, to be safe. 😀  Shhh…

*twenty questions

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