Bags, et al

For some reason, my blog is getting a lot of hits for bags including Jack Wolfskin, North Face, and Crumpler.  Are you guys researching for a bag you want here in Vietnam? 😀

So anyway, today, we dropped by Bag Vina again because a friend is requesting for a couple of bags.

Crumpler Sunday Brunch and North Face Hot Shot

Hubby decided to get a new laptop bag as well.

North Face Angstrom 30 Laptop Bag

There were a lot of new designs compared to the last time I was there.  Read on that blog entry here.  I saw lots of camera bags, laptop sleeves, and new Crumpler Sunday Brunch designs!  My phone camera was nagtatampo so please excuse the blurry photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy screen shopping!

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2 Responses to Bags, et al

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi! Where is this store located and are the products authentic? Thanks.

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