Return to Salt and Pepper

Since we first tried Salt and Pepper Italian Restaurant when it first opened in February, I’ve been meaning to come back and try their new dishes.  When Mr. Hien and Duyen invited me this week, of course I jumped at the chance.  I’m still having dreams of their mouthwatering lamb chops, so who am I to say no?

I roped in my friend, Ria, to join me because I knew she’ll never say no to Italian food (having lived in Italy for a couple of years).  She took most of the pictures I’m sharing in this blog entry. [Side story: Ria made my husband and I believers on the power of the Canon Powershot G-series.  SLR no more.]

No less than the owner, Mr. Hien, greeted us as we were being ushered to our table.  We chose the second floor dining area and was surprised that they’ve renovated the place.  It now includes a bar with ample dining space.  The warm lights, cozy seats, and jazz music that permeates the air, set the tone for a pleasurable and private dining experience.  Perfect for couples!

Adorning the walls of the upper and lower floors are photographs of Italy taken by Mr. Hien himself.

The atmosphere was just right for Ria and I to exchange our week’s office war stories — but mostly hers!  Ha!

Mr. Hien introduced us to one of their new waiters!   He is Gerson Eleptico, a fellow Filipino and it was just his first day on the job.  Lucky for him that we were his first customers so we didn’t give him a hard time.  🙂

Now on to the best part.  The food!  Ria suggested the Rocket salad with parmesan cheese and red onion with lemon and olive oil.  And it was perfect! The sharp taste of the rocket, combined with the tangy taste of the onion and saltiness of the cheese was just right.

We wanted pizza and Mr. Hien suggested that get half-and-half.  This way we get to taste two flavors.  Brilliant!  Ria’s choice was the Salame Picante while mine was the Il Funghi.

On to the star of our night’s meal:  Shrimp Ravioli in Portuguese Sauce.  A real gastronomic delight!  The real deal comfort food.  At first, Ria told me to get 3 servings while she gets 2 — but in the end, we had to split it equally because it was just too divine!  As in.  Kung pwede lang mag take home!

I was actually sad when the waiter came to take the serving plate away because I wanted to lick it clean!

Oh and we just had to ask about the olive oil concoction in the green bottle which went well with our pizza.  It’s a special in-house recipe using extra virgin olive oil from Europe.  Ria like the bottle too and we found out that they actually used Perrier bottles!  Simple touches like that are nice to know.

Just a tip too.  You can request for balsamic vinegar with olive oil and parmesan to complement the Italian bread appetizer.  Yummy!

What a lovely dinner after a long day at work!  Our only comment was we wished the ravioli had bigger servings. 🙂

Thanks Salt and Pepper!  We shall be back!

Visit Salt and Pepper Italian Restaurant at 103 Ton Dat Tien, Crescent I, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.  For reservations call Mr. Dany at 08-54124848 or 01283810254. Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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4 Responses to Return to Salt and Pepper

  1. Smanu says:

    We had lunch there today and we shared the Shrimp Ravioli plus two servings of pizza for lunch. The Ravioli was fantastic, but the pizzas are so-so. Next time, I’ll order the ravioli and have it all to myself. Haha! Like you, I want to lick the plate clean! =P Gerson is still there. Despite the rain, it’s a worry-free lunch for us because our “kababayan” served us well. One comment though, the drinks are a bit pricey and they don’t serve free water or iced tea.

  2. Lyra says:

    I think most of the restaus talaga serve pricey drinks, no?

    But you admitted it yourself — ang sarap nang ravioli! Bawal talaga sharing!!!! No to sharing ravioli!

  3. Lyra says:

    Glad that Gerson is still there! I want to go back tuloy for the ravioli!

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