Food Trip: Little Manila

I am not much of a cook really so regular Filipino food like Nilagang Baka, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Menudo, Pochero, and Tinola are gourmet meals for me.  But I attribute it more for my being lazy to prepare all the ingredients.  I simply take too long in chopping, dicing, cleaning, peeling, etc.  You get the picture?

Yesterday, my friend Gigi told me that Little Manila has finally found a new home in the Citi Plaza food court at 230 Nguyen Trai St. in District 1.  When we first got here a couple of years ago, Little Manila had a couple of outlets (Eden Mall, D1 and Huong Vuong, PMH) when they decided to close down and focus on catering and delivery.  Now, they’re back and I’m glad because I can finally eat a good, yummy Filipino meal without messing our kitchen.

I was torn between Pork Sisig and Dinuguan but my love for beer pulutan (beer match) won.  Other Little Manila bestsellers include: lumpiang shanghai, tortang talong, beef steak Tagalog, chopseuy, pancit canton, adobong baboy, adobong pusit, beef kaldereta, fried chicken, and paksiw na tilapia. 🙂

I ate my Pork Sisig while chatting with one of Little Manila’s cooks, Roland Verano.  He’s been living in Saigon for 3 years together with his family and incidentally, he came from my Dad’s province in Quezon.  He’s from Lucena while we’re from Unisan.  Kuya Roland is also the Chef Manager at Mexico Lindo in  149 Ton That Dam St., D1.

Do visit Little Manila in Citi Plaza or call them up at 0933490004 or 36007660 for catering services and enjoy a slice of Manila in Ho Chi Minh City!

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3 Responses to Food Trip: Little Manila

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  2. jennmanigaon says:

    Cool! Will tell my mom about this. 🙂

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