Alexandre de Rhodes and Pasteur

Two of the very few foreign-named streets in Ho Chi Minh City.

I pass by Pasteur St. lots of times but it was only today that I was acquainted with Alexandre de Rhodes St.

I know that most streets in Saigon are named after famous generals like Tran Hung Dao, communist party leaders like Le Duan, soldiers like the famous woman soldier Vo Thi Sau, and political leader like Nguyen Hue.

Pasteur St. is named after the French scientist Louis Pasteur who is the Father of Microbiology.  He discovered the processes of vaccination and pasteurization.  That I learned from high school Biology.  But Alexandre de Rhodes is someone I don’t know.  So I turned to the ever-reliable Wikipedia.  Wikipedia states:

Father Alexander de Rhodes (VietnameseA-Lịch-Sơn Đắc-Lộ) (15 March 1591 – 5 November 1660) was a French Jesuit missionary and lexicographer who had a lasting impact on Christianity in Vietnam. He wrote the Dictionarium Annamiticum Lusitanum et Latinum, the first trilingual VietnamesePortugueseLatindictionary published in Rome in 1651.

Just a dose history for now.

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1 Response to Alexandre de Rhodes and Pasteur

  1. stanjb says:

    As far as I know, he romanized the Vietnamese language too.

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