David Archuleta in ‘Nam

This morning while reading the papers, I came across this half page article on David Archuleta!  He’s coming to Vietnam!!!  For an American Idol fanatic such as I, this is great news. 😀

I missed him in Manila when he did a concert together with 2008 American Idol David Cook.

I know, I know his music genre is not really for my age (sssshhh!!!) but if somebody is going with me, I’d definitely like to watch this one.  I don’t think I can stand watching by myself amidst all the yuppies, teens and tweens.

In 2008, the day we bought our first car was the day when the two Davids sang for the American Idol Title.  We actually named our car David in honor of those two.

Archie has a really amazing voice and is such a charmer on stage.  He’s like the boy you’d want your daughter to meet someday.  😀

I’m actually amazed that Archie has loyal followers in Vietnam.  And that like the Back Street Boys, he’d be performing for the two cities of Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.

It would be stupendous to watch this concert especially if Cook was around too.  But I’m sure this David will not disappoint.

Catch David Archuleta on:

July 22 – Military Zone 7 Stadium, HCM City (12,000 Tickets)
July 24 – Giang Vo Exhibition Centre, Ha Noi City (4,500 Tickets)

Tickets will be available by the end of the June and costs $10, $20, $55, and $75.

Poster from Idol Music 2011

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