Fire Drill!

It was just my luck that today, the day after I twisted my ankle, our office building had a fire drill.

Of all days!  It had to be today!  It was either I hide in the restroom or be one of the dummies needed to be saved. Of course I ended joining my office down the stairwell.

One of my office mates had the big idea to try the elevator.  LOL.  But you couldn’t blame him because it’s an awfully long walk down.  Oh yes.  We were on the:

My poor ankle.  I ended up being one of the last people to get out.  If it was a real fire, I would have already suffocated from the smoke.

I thought it was like some grade school fire drill that you would just go out and wait for your teacher to account for each student in the class before you head on back.  But it wasn’t.  Three fire trucks came by and did the whole nine yards.

Someone was up on the turntable ladder extinguishing an invisible fire.

While down by the fire truck was a shorter hose creating a smaller fountain:

And while all these were happening, people below were like me, documenting

and modeling a new line of sunglasses.

I didn’t go down the building without my phone, wallet, and travel tissues.  My office mate didn’t go down without his phone, wallet, and a pack of cigarettes.

I’m sure he was just being mindful that the pack of cigarettes will add flame to the fire.

There ends our early morning shower in 30 minutes.

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2 Responses to Fire Drill!

  1. chenjunyuan says:

    I’m culturally curious. Do they also have Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigades in Vietnam? Or is it just a Philippine phenomenon due to the mistrust between business establishments and the local government fire units here?

  2. Lyra says:

    I actually haven’t heard of a Chinese volunteer fire brigade here. I think that phenomenon is exclusive to our country. But then again you have to understand that the Chinese have considered Vietnam there home for 1000 years before the French came. So the Vietnamese are really more Chinese. Pero may Chinatown din dito. 🙂

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