Five things I dislike when grocery-shopping in Saigon

  1.  You have to leave your bag at the lockers.  If not, they use a plastic cuff on all the zippers.  Then when you pay, they scramble for scissors.  Also, because of this policy, you have to carry your wallet and phone around, and sometimes, I have to carry my son’s milk and milk dispenser. :/  I know some who don’t want to leave their bags because they’re expensive ones. Hehe.
  2. For a particular supermarket, you have to pay your cheese or formula milk first at cashiers inside the supermarket.  Then you pay the rest at the main cashier.  Such a hassle.  Why can’t we just pay everything right after we’ve picked our groceries?  I don’t get it.
  3. Again for a particular supermarket, you have to wait for the chocolate attendant to open the shelf with chocolates.  I just want M&Ms and they’re under lock and key?
  4. You can’t write down the prices of groceries.  If they notice you doing that, they assign a guard to follow you.
  5. They don’t know how to bag your groceries properly.  As long as everything fits in one plastic bag, they just pile it up.  And they tie the handles together.  Now how do you carry your bags then?

Just want to rant a bit.  There’s nothing I can do about how they manage things here.  What I can do then because of the above are:

  1. Bring an extra small bag where important items such as wallet, phone, and key can fit when shopping.
  2. I pick cheese and formula milk last before heading to the cashier.  Or I don’t buy them at all at that particular supermarket.
  3. I don’t buy chocolates at that particular supermarket.  Helps keep the calories away. 😛
  4. I use my mobile phone to take note of the prices.
  5. I bag my own groceries. 🙂
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4 Responses to Five things I dislike when grocery-shopping in Saigon

  1. Runaway Brit says:

    Ha ha! This reminds me of 3 years grocery shopping when I lived in Saigon. I was once told that the two most stolen items from supermarkets are cheese and formula. That’s why they are locked up separately. Weird huh?!

  2. Lyra says:

    Cheese I can understand but formula? The cans are too big to put in a bag! And you can’t even bring a bag inside the grocery. Even the canned goods have security tags.

    I’m okay with the security tags but I just don’t like paying one item at a time inside the grocery…

  3. Vanessa says:

    Hi Lyra
    They locked up the formula in some of the major store in the state too 😉


  4. Lyra says:

    I think I’m just used to shopping in Manila where these items are not locked up. Some drugstores reserve such items behind the counter only accessible to the pharmacists. I think that’s okay. What I don’t like is being asked to pay for milk separately inside the supermarket then paying for the rest of the goods in another cashier.

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