Spotted: Seafood-Flavored French Fries

Jollibee again?  Fastfood again?  Yup. 🙂

Does Jollibee serve Seafood-Flavored French Fries in the Philippines?

I actually liked this new addition to Jollibee’s menu.  Yum!  Wish that Jollibee were somewhere nearer to District 7.

For some reason, we don’t have a Jollibee nearby.  We have KFC, Carl’s Jr., Domino’s Pizza, Lotteria, and now there’ll be Pizza Hut nearby.

After a long walk this morning with friends checking several shoe shops, we ended up in Jollibee at Maximark for a late lunch.  Comfort food from home!

Two pieces of fried chicken please!


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2 Responses to Spotted: Seafood-Flavored French Fries

  1. SManu says:

    so, how’s your shoe shopping? =)

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Soki! It was great. Didn’t spot a Geox but lots of Nine West products. 😀

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