Rock Climbing at Buu Long by Push Climbing

I love wall climbing!  But I’ve stopped long ago back in the days where my arms weren’t flabby.  So when Push Climbing opened here, I was ecstatic because I can start climbing again.  Sadly, with work and all, I haven’t had the time to do so BUT Paul has saved me a lot of times because I have been giving out day passes to Push Climbing as gifts to the kids.

Now as part of Push Climbing’s offering, they now have Saturday Rock Climbing at Buu Long, just an hour drive’s away from Ho Chi Minh City.

For only 500,000 VND per person, enjoy an alternative way to spend your weekend.  The fee covers, transportation, food, water, and the climbing equipment needed.

The group leaves Saigon (District 7) at 7:30 am and returns by 4 pm.  District 2 pick-ups at the Manor can be arranged as well.

For more information, call Paul Massad at (84) 01264722134 and learn the latest happenings in Push Climbing by subscribing to Push Climbing Facebook Account.

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