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ILH Sportsfest Rocks!

Alex was asking if I’m going to post our ILH Sportsfest in Hello Saigon. ย The answer is YES! The ILH families (Filipino families from Intel) got together for a full day of sports fun at the Saigon South International School. … Continue reading

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Annie’s Bakery

Sky Garden 3 is sorely lacking in shops — especially on cafes. ย There still are lots of empty shops in this area but since it’s not really frequented by a lot of people, it’s no wonder that business people don’t … Continue reading

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Saigon Cooking Class at Hoa Tuc

Do you remember our Father’s Day lunch at Hoa Tuc? The combination of good food and lovely ambiance was a perfect recipe for a fantastic dining experience. ย I know that line was loaded with adjectives. ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess being a … Continue reading

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Shopping Like a Tourist

I set out at lunch today to buy a friend a gift for her birthday but ended up buying a few stuff for myself that are quite touristy for a resident in Saigon. But since our living here is just … Continue reading

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Artsy-fartsy :)

Because I have no kid studying, I’m not one of those moms pressured to make school costumes and projects. ย I, however, like doing arts and crafts at home whenever I can. ย That’s why I like trying new art stuff even … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight!

Cafe mocha + chocolate mousse + book = โค Despite the threatening rain this afternoon, I decided to risk it and have coffee outside. Saigon is bursting with coffee shops so it’s a shame not to try what these shops … Continue reading

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Purple Roses

Lovely purple roses from Dalat bought from Ben Thanh Market.ย  I just had to buy them. So pretty! Have a great week ahead Saigon!

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Adopt a Pet!

Last week, we were passing by Nha Vat Yeu pet shop and Sam just had a grand time watching the animals. The animals were all so cute and I was toying with the idea of getting a pet for us. … Continue reading

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Ba Cแบงu Vแป“ng (Three Rainbows)

Yesterday was one of those days that I wished I brought my camera. ย So I had to resort to using my phone’s camera to capture the three rainbows I saw all in one afternoon! ย How lucky was that? Took this … Continue reading

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Personalized Puzzles by Saigon Puzzles

Matt has been advertising his business in our email groups and I have actually been exchanging emails with him regarding his personalized puzzle business. After much thought because I’m planning on something for some people, I decided to give Matt’s … Continue reading

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