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ILH Sportsfest Rocks!

Alex was asking if I’m going to post our ILH Sportsfest in Hello Saigon.  The answer is YES! The ILH families (Filipino families from Intel) got together for a full day of sports fun at the Saigon South International School. … Continue reading

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Annie’s Bakery

Sky Garden 3 is sorely lacking in shops — especially on cafes.  There still are lots of empty shops in this area but since it’s not really frequented by a lot of people, it’s no wonder that business people don’t … Continue reading

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Saigon Cooking Class at Hoa Tuc

Do you remember our Father’s Day lunch at Hoa Tuc? The combination of good food and lovely ambiance was a perfect recipe for a fantastic dining experience.  I know that line was loaded with adjectives. 😀 I guess being a … Continue reading

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Shopping Like a Tourist

I set out at lunch today to buy a friend a gift for her birthday but ended up buying a few stuff for myself that are quite touristy for a resident in Saigon. But since our living here is just … Continue reading

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Artsy-fartsy :)

Because I have no kid studying, I’m not one of those moms pressured to make school costumes and projects.  I, however, like doing arts and crafts at home whenever I can.  That’s why I like trying new art stuff even … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight!

Cafe mocha + chocolate mousse + book = ❤ Despite the threatening rain this afternoon, I decided to risk it and have coffee outside. Saigon is bursting with coffee shops so it’s a shame not to try what these shops … Continue reading

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Purple Roses

Lovely purple roses from Dalat bought from Ben Thanh Market.  I just had to buy them. So pretty! Have a great week ahead Saigon!

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