Knit Stuff!

I bought knitting needles, crochet hook, yarns, and crochet thread on our Malaysia trip last year.  But it was only this year that I got around to using them to do some actual project.

Yarns were expensive in Malaysia and so I bought just a couple which I easily used up with just one scarf project — and so the search for yarns in Saigon was on.

Like any non-usual consumer goods here, Saigon will make you search for it.  Luckily, I found some leads through my mailing group.  I had 3 places to check:  China Town, Cao Thang St., and Cho Ben Thanh.  Ben Thanh being the most accessible to me, I set out today to look for yarns and threads.

I easily found ’em right outside Kem Nghia’s Shop at 162 Le Thanh Ton St. behind the market.  There were 2 vendors selling and I was drawn to the older woman at the left of the shop.  Crochet threads cost 15,000 VND each while 1 bag of yarns (6 pieces) cost 70,000 VND.

So many lovely colors to choose from!

For some reason, the vendor didn’t want me to mix yarn colors. 😦  Oh well, maybe next time.

Knitting needles were being sold for 60,000 VND:

Let’s see if I can still remember my home economics crochet and knitting classes!

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2 Responses to Knit Stuff!

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  2. kolie marie says:

    This place is where in malaysia plz i want to buy some crochet hook

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