Spotted: Graphic Novel of The Lightning Thief

Sometimes, the bookstores surprise you here and I actually found the graphic novel version of Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief.  Artwork done by Attila Futaki, adapted by Robert Venditti, and color done by Jose Villarrubia!  So cool!

Thankfully, they have the whole series available here (the original version) but this one is a real treat!  For people struggling to sit down and read the whole book, this graphic novel version is so terrifically illustrated!

Interestingly, I’ve seen the whole series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians in Vietnamese and the kids here are lucky because they’re 50% more cheaper than the English version!  That’s what is so nice about the books here in Vietnamese, they’re much, much more affordable.   That reminds me that the Vietnamese version of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery only cost me 24,000 VND which is just a little over a dollar.

A friend recommended books by Conn Iggulden but the only book I’ve seen so far available is from the Emperor series and still in hardbound.  And I have to say English books here are a bit more expensive than buying them in Malaysia or in the Philippines.  I would buy via Amazon but I’m not sure if it’ll reach here. 😦

But hopefully, more wonderful books will be available in the bookstores here! 🙂

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