Tickled Pink!

Finally found a copy of the The Word HCMC July 2011 Edition!  Yay!  Thanks to my good friend Ria who lent me hers! 🙂

Been a fan of this magazine since I came across it because it’s in English and always gave interesting insight on what’s hot and not in Saigon.

A few months back, I met Grace who in turn introduced me to his husband Paolo, The Word HCMC’s Art Director, who I am thankful for — because through him, I was given an opportunity to write a short article in their magazine.  Thank you so much Grace and Paolo!

Last month, I interviewed the Vietnamese silk painter, Le Hoang Bich Phuong and she’s now in the spotlight for the In The Frame section of this month’s The Word HCMC.

Truly happy to have been given this experience and making my memories of Saigon so much richer!

Grab a copy of The Word HCMC from some of the best places to dine and hangout or download a copy here.

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4 Responses to Tickled Pink!

  1. SManu says:

    Congrats Lyra. =)

  2. Grace Maling says:

    Hi Lyra,

    Haven’t seen the magazine since we are in Manila. Congratulations! Looking forward to more articles from you:)


  3. Lyra says:

    Thanks Grace! Have fun in Manila! 🙂

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