Automated Loading Machine?

Here in Vietnam, I didn’t get a postpaid account for my mobile phone because a friend lent me her SIM before she left for another country.  So, I’ve been using this prepaid SIM for 2 years and so far, it has served me really well.  Anyway, it’s easy to buy load from the convenience stores around.

Today, I came across this ATM-type of device that loads credit to your mobile phone.  I asked my Vietnamese what it’s called and she said, “Automatic Extra Money In Your Cellphone!”  Hahahaha!

I actually saw one of the developers “police” and checked this out and asked the shop owner to remove this machine.  The compromise was to put it inside.  According to my friend, the distributor of this machine has been negotiating with the developer to put this in strategic locations but the developer did not agree.

So how to use this machine?

1.  You put your bill in the right slot labeled Noi Nap Tien and you will get your receipt from the left slot labeled Noi Nhan Hoa Don (after successful transaction).

2.  Choose your telco company (Mobifone, Vinaphone and Viettel only) and then enter your mobile number.

3.  Then you’ll get your receipt.

I actually just gleaned this information from my Vietnamese friend. 😀  Because I can’t really read the instruction here:

I think this product is useful BUT a TRANSLATION in English would be a big help!

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2 Responses to Automated Loading Machine?

  1. Smanu says:

    Hi Lyra. Where’s this machine located? There’s also one AutoLoad Machine inside Hung Vuong 1 and it looks like a telephone booth.=P

  2. Lyra says:

    This one’s in Sky Garden 3 sa may mini-grocery. 😀 Telephone booth? Kasya si Superman!

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