What’s good to read?

I know I’ve been forever complaining about how ill-organized the bookstores here in Saigon but I have to admit that doesn’t really deter me from visiting ’em all the time.  I just love books too much and the scary thing is I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone when choosing books!

I still have my favorite authors but I’m starting to read books based on ‘just because’ the plot “seems” good based on the blurb or synopsis at the back cover.   Was thinking of getting Luis Miguel Rocha’s 2 books, The Last Pope and The Holy Assassin — the former received good reviews but the latter left a lot of readers confused.  The titles are both catchy but I’m glad I decided to check the reviews first before buying them.  Books are not cheap!

I saw the hardbound copy of George R.R. Martin’s Dreamsongs Volume II but what I was really looking for is the Game of Thrones. 😦  I ended up buying A Storm of Swords though.

And can you believe it?  They still sell books with this in graphic on the front cover:

Now THAT’s tacky.

I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something wrong with this picture:

I didn’t actually read the book on Hitler so I wouldn’t know how if he was delicately presented to young readers.  But still…

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2 Responses to What’s good to read?

  1. Redhead says:


    But Martin’s Dreamsongs is always a good find! I’ve read a lot of his work over the years, and as much as I like Game of Thrones and the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire series, his shorter works are simply superb. AND I don’t have to wait 10 years to find out what happens!

  2. Lyra says:

    I wanted to get Dreamsongs but it’s still in hardcover = cost prohibitive. 😀

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