Art Day at Vin Space!

After weeks of planning, the District 7 kids (and a couple of adults) finally pushed through with attending an art class at Vin Space in Thao Dien District.  Glad that they allowed us to pay for the class via bank deposit so we didn’t have to go all the way to Thao Dien to secure our spots.  Kids in Thao Dien and An Phu are soooo lucky having this team of artists so close to their homes!  Wish they could put the same in Phu My Hung.

I enrolled Sam for a class in painting, “A Bug’s Life” together with another friend’s daughter but since both my friend and I weren’t available to assist (I joined the glass painting class and my friend left for abroad), the kids didn’t do too well. 😦  I guess they were too young for the class.

Our teacher was Liz Engelbrecht from South Africa and I loved how she showed techniques for each participant that can be put to use for the project.  She’s such a positive energy in the class and as a participant (who doesn’t know a thing about painting), I just felt I can make a wonderful piece of art.

But no worries, I wasn’t really too stressed about painting as I just really wanted to do something new.  I WAS stressed with my son who kept wanting to paint my project which of course is the reason why it turned out ODD!!! *defensive mode*

As you can see, there were only two adult artist-wannabes in the class:

And we met another teacher, Jensen Moreno, a fellow Filipino who is holding her international solo exhibit in Kinh Bac Restaurant and Gallery from July 8 to July 31, 2011.

Hopefully, I get to visit Kinh Bac again and see her works!  She did some art classes by the park and a sketch class upstairs for the kids:

Vin Space also sells art materials like acrylic paints:

Pastels, watercolors, and more:

Out-2 Design Studio that used to be in District 1 has also found a home in Vin Space to showcase some really great art products from local and foreign artists:

I wanted to take home a magnet board.

I highly recommend Vin Space — especially now it’s summer and the kids may have ran out of things to do at home.  😀

Oh and Sam got a whale stuff toy and while I got myself a whale-covered handmade notebook.  Cool!


Contact them at or visit their Vin Space website.

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3 Responses to Art Day at Vin Space!

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  2. Herve Dubert says:

    Vinspace also has teachers who have no degree nor experience in art and craft, like “teacher ” Stella Bookaul “, a former pediatrician . You should check teacher before let your children go.

  3. says:

    Check out web side at for our teacher Bio.

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