Spotted: Beauty Queen in Vietnamese

While hanging out at a friend’s salon, the TV was tuned to a telenovela that looked all too familiar.  I haven’t actually watched the show but the actors were familiar.  As it turned out, it was Beauty Queen on the local VTV7 channel dubbed in Vietnamese.

Actually, this wasn’t the first Filipino telenovela I’ve seen on local TV here.  I’ve actually seen Dyesebel starring Marian Rivera.  But this was interesting because this time, the dubbing is better.

Before, foreign shows here were “translated” not dubbed.  So you would hear one voice all throughout the telenovela or movie.  It can be a woman’s voice doing all the characters — even guy parts.  It kinda ruins the whole flow of the show I think.

Beauty Queen main stars are Iza Calzado, Katrina Halili, and Maggie Wilson.  The short clip shows Juan Rodrigo, Carmi Martin, Katrina Halili, Iza Calzado, and Elizabeth Oropesa.  This was shown in the Philippines in 2010.

The Vietnamese in the salon seemed to be engrossed in the show.  I guess they must like the storyline.

On a side note, my friend (the salon owner) loves Filipino actor and model, Dingdong Dantes and vows to go to the Philippines and marry him someday.  😀

Catch Beauty Queen in VTV7 or Channel 24 in HTV cable.

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2 Responses to Spotted: Beauty Queen in Vietnamese

  1. Smanu says:

    Hi Lyra.

    What time is this?

    Here’s a an open question uttered by a vendor in the market in Phu My Hung to one of her fellow Viet: “Bakit ang mga pinoy magaganda at guwapo ‘pag nasa TV?”


  2. Lyra says:

    Ay I forgot to include the time. I think it’s 7PM. Basta before 8PM end na sya eh. 😀

    Magaganda at guwapo talaga mga artista natin. 😛

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