Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo

I love expos!  I have had the experience in joining one as an exhibitor and it was fun.  But being a guest in an expo is even better!  I especially like going to the World Food Expo because you get to taste the different delicacies and specialties of each stall — now that’s YUM!  Second in my list is going to digital expos with all the accessories and technology I can never actually buy. 😀  However, it’s always good to know what’s hot in the market and so Manuel and I were really looking forward going to the Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo.

There are no entrance fees.  You just need to register by the registration station by inputting your contact details in the stations provided.

For some reason, even if the expo was named “WORLD” nothing in the registration form provided was in English so the attendant stuck a Visitor badge  on my arm and waived me through.

The size of the expo was just one-third the size of the digital expo we went to last year in KL.  Just a side-story — the expo in KL was so huge and was filled with people that you just want to get out of there.  The trouble was the exits were found at the end of the great  halls which was the size of half a football field I think.  So think about walking through 3 of ’em which was one and a half size of a football field.  In Filipino terms, nakakasuya na.

So I actually liked the size of the expo because it wasn’t too huge and the brands that you wanted to see were there except Canon and Intel. 😀  But it was kinda disappointing to see some stalls unoccupied.

I enjoyed the robotics demo by 3 three stalls such as this:

But I think the 3D Cinema of Sony was the best part of the expo:

Although there was a long line for the 3D Cinema, I think the line in Coke was much, much longer where they were giving out Coke Solo for free.

Manuel was in the search for some earphones or headphones but he didn’t end up with this.  Looks cool though…

I wanted these items, one for me and one for Sam.

Or this:

We brought Sam with us because we’re teaching him about the wonders of consumer technology very early. 😀  But this was all he could say about the expo:

Today is the last day of the expo.  So better head on there if you want to avail of fantastic discounts!

Hen gap lai quy khach!

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2 Responses to Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo

  1. Soki says:

    i thought of buying the Nike earphones too… but when i tried the one with in ear headphones, it’s much better because of the clear base sound.=)

    • Lyra says:

      Manuel ended up buying Philips too! So may free raincoat din sya! 😀

      Pero true, mas maganda yung Philips kaso nga lang pagsuot na wala nang marinig na iba pa si Manuel!

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