Coffee Fix @ FB Deli

Living in Saigon for 2 years has kinda diluted my love for Starbucks and Seattle’s Best coffee.  There’s Gloria Jeans here but the walk to the GJ coffeeshop is long.  When I’m in D1, GJ is nearby but I don’t see the point of buying my coffee there when our office pantry has it’s own coffee grinder and state-of-the art coffeemaker.

But yesterday, FB Deli caught my eye and I wondered if my search for frappe and Cafe Mocha is over.  Tried Angel-in-Us but sadly it doesn’t compare to my memory of what a Cafe Mocha should taste like.  So today, I went to FB Deli and tried their Caramel-nut Chiller Ice-Blended Espresso which is the nearest to a frappe in their menu.

They only serve Lavazza coffee beans so no wonder that this tasted delicious!  It started like the Caramel Iced Coffee of Figaro in the Philippines but in the end, when all the ingredients blended together, it tasted even better!

Of course I had to try some dessert (I know!!!  CALORIES!) and I ordered the Cheese Brownie.

Hay ang sarap!  😦  So I walked all the way home to somehow burn some of the calories.  FB Deli was also serving Soy Milk Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Chip Muffin, sandwiches, and more.  Best of all, all cakes are at 50% off from 7 PM to 10 PM

They have a nice black and white theme going on in the coffee shop:

and outside:

Nice place to just chill and read a book or browse the net.

Check them out at SE7-1 My Khanh 2, PMH, D7 or call them up at (08)54119696.

Download the menu:

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