Personalized Puzzles by Saigon Puzzles

Matt has been advertising his business in our email groups and I have actually been exchanging emails with him regarding his personalized puzzle business.

After much thought because I’m planning on something for some people, I decided to give Matt’s Saigon Puzzles a try. I placed my order just this Monday and then 4 days after, today, I received my puzzles!  Matt even delivered ’em to my office!  Thanks Matt!

My office mates were raving about it and even got Matt’s contact details from me.  My Vietnamese colleague was amazed how I find such suppliers here in Vietnam. 😀  My secret weapon mine of information?  Email groups.  😉

If you are looking for something unique to give to friends, why not give them personalized puzzles courtesy of Saigon Puzzles?  Email SP at

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3 Responses to Personalized Puzzles by Saigon Puzzles

  1. Soki says:

    nice! personalized puzzles. =) may challenge! hehe.

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Lyra – Thanks for the kind words. I am very happy you enjoyed your puzzle! We have a new website if anyone would like to learn more or order their own custom made picture puzzle today.

    Saigon Puzzles

  3. Matt says:

    Hello Saigon!

    We have changed our web address to

    – Saigon Puzzles
    “the Picture you Take…the Puzzle we Make”

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