Adopt a Pet!

Last week, we were passing by Nha Vat Yeu pet shop and Sam just had a grand time watching the animals.

The animals were all so cute and I was toying with the idea of getting a pet for us.  But of course we can’t. 😦  I grew up in a household with a lot of dogs.  At one time, we had around 8 dogs in our house — native (or what we call Azkal — yup were the Philippine Football Team actually got their monicker), toy poodle, pomeranian, half poodle-half pomeranian, and a golden retriever.  Hubby has been wanting to get a golden retriever or a labrador but it’s difficult taking care of one living in an apartment.

The bunnies look all so cute and fluffy!

The hamsters were being sold for 60,000 VND each.  Two-floor cages at around 600k VND while three-floor cages at 700k VND if I remember correctly.  Sam wanted to take them home!

I’m not sure what the animals I shot below are called but they look like meerkats or part of the meerkat family.  Is it even legal selling these animals?

On the one hand, there is Vietnam’s Animal Rescue and Care.  There are a lot of abandoned animals needing lots of TLC.  Check out their most recent ARC Newsletter showing animals in need of homes.

As ARC is a non-profit volunteer organization, ARC is also looking for volunteers to help out in their shelter.  You can also check ARC’s Facebook Page for updates.

As much as I’d like to get a pet for our family from the store, if ever we so decide to get one, we might just adopt from ARC instead.  Hope my friends and I can finally schedule a day to volunteer.

Contact ARC at

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10 Responses to Adopt a Pet!

  1. paul says:

    Those are ferets, cousins of the meerkats. Ferets are sold legally in the US, kinda odd to see ’em in Vietnam. I didn’t know. My father-in-law got 5 dogs, 1 rabbit, some chickens and he lives just outside of Binh Trieu, Thu Duc.

  2. Lyra says:

    Thanks Paul! There you go ferrets! I don’t think they’re endemic to Vietnam. And basing from wikipedia, they’re mostly banned to be kept as pets unless they’re properly registered:

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  4. surmulottin says:

    hi, can I adopt one dog ? Please contact me if you have an orphan dog at the mail: . Thank you 🙂

  5. Lyra says:

    Hi. Better contact them directly. This is just a blog entry and ARC does’t check this regularly.

  6. Danny says:

    I would like ferrets but how can I got them? why don’t you show your telephone number?

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Danny, sorry. I do not sell these animals. I was just browsing through a pet shop.

    • kompl says:

      Please don’t et a ferret. They like cooler weather, the temperatures are just too hih for them. They need a lot of care and attention, it’s like a puppy that never grows up, but smarter. Also since ferrets are not very popular in Vietnam, it’s ard to get right food for them and they might end up sick. I have had a ferret in Europe and it’s an fantastic pet, but just not in Vietnam

  7. Berti says:

    I want to send a bunny for my friend in Vietnam.its posible?im in Nehterlands.via postal service

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