Artsy-fartsy :)

Because I have no kid studying, I’m not one of those moms pressured to make school costumes and projects.  I, however, like doing arts and crafts at home whenever I can.  That’s why I like trying new art stuff even if I’m not particularly good at it.

It’s just a bit difficult to find art stores here that have everything you need.  So it’s always nice to discover places like the vendor along Le Thanh Ton selling yarns and crochet threads, Ngan Thong selling paper products, and lots of vendors along Le Loi St. selling brushes and paint.

It’s a wonder what a needle and thread,

a pair of knitting needles and yarn,

and kitchen scrub can do:

All of these are courtesy of stuff you can find here in Saigon — you just have to ask around. 🙂

What I’d like to do next is do some silk screening — I know so old school — but it’s the only thing I know that is not pricey that can design fabric.  Now if I can only find where to buy green films and fabric paint.

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2 Responses to Artsy-fartsy :)

  1. linda says:

    Hi, You should head to Phung Hung street in D.11, that’s basically silkscreen street. Cheers L

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