Saigon Cooking Class at Hoa Tuc

Do you remember our Father’s Day lunch at Hoa Tuc?

The combination of good food and lovely ambiance was a perfect recipe for a fantastic dining experience.  I know that line was loaded with adjectives. 😀

I guess being a guest in this country just makes me feel enthusiastic about everything new I see so sorry if I sound a fanatic.

Anyhoo, Hoa Tuc is holding their Saigon Cooking Class and I’m trying to rope in some friends to join.  I’m not a good cook so I really am interested to see what they do in their class.

If you’re in Saigon you might want to check out the classes they offer.  I got this from my mail:

Hands-on cooking class: 10am till 1pm or 2pm till 5pm
*Adult Summer rate: $35 instead of $39 – Kids rate: $25

Half-day Gourmet tour from 8h30 till 1pm
Ben Thanh market visit with our Chef followed by a cooking class
*Adult Summer rate: $39 instead of $44 – Kids rate: $25

Opening days: Tuesday to Sunday
Information & Booking:
(08)3 825 84 85

Rates apply till September 18, 2011.

They have an English-speaking Vietnamese chef.  I’m sure it’ll be interesting.  Or if not, why not just drop by and enjoy their food?

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4 Responses to Saigon Cooking Class at Hoa Tuc

  1. Rebecca Woodland says:

    I just did 4 classes at Saigon Cooking Classes. Each class is hands-on, delicious, fun, informative, and easy-to-follow. The chef/instructors are excellent. The menus are varied and beautiful. Each student gets to use all kinds of interesting cooking tools. I have taken numerous cooking classes in Vietnam and this is the best place (so far), and at the best price too!

  2. Huỳnh thanh Mộng says:

    Mình muốn học nấu ăn các món Âu( món ăn gia đình) Ko biết ở Hoa Túc có lớp ko??? Hay giới thiệu giúp mình địa chỉ đáng tin cậy…
    Thank you !!

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