Shopping Like a Tourist

I set out at lunch today to buy a friend a gift for her birthday but ended up buying a few stuff for myself that are quite touristy for a resident in Saigon.

But since our living here is just temporary, I thought it was just right to get myself a few stuff that will remind me of Saigon when we’re long gone.

Dong Khoi St. has lots of unique boutiques but I never really go check them all out because I think the price is too touristy meaning pricey.  But I’ve got to admit, most sell high quality products that’s worth the price you pay.

I got myself a stamp at Du Du at 78 Dong Khoi St.  They’re open from 8 AM to 9 PM and they’ve got wonderful items such as clothes, scarves, and bags!  Really pretty things I tell you!  I bought the stamp with a cyclo and had my initials engraved.  Thought it would give my postcards a nice touch.  Engraving is free!

Beside Du Du is Cincinati selling leather bags!  They smelled wonderful and I was too shy to ask if I can take photos.  Quite expensive BUT really, really good quality.  I have to get a bag there before we leave Saigon!

I also dropped by Unique selling accessories, scarves, shawls, clothes, and sandals.  Unique is at 76 Dong Khoi St. and is open from 8 AM to 10 PM.  Got this scarf below and is not the usual thing you’d see in Ben Thanh Market.  They’re holding a sale at the back of the shop where items are at 30% off.

This morning I woke up wanting to read some history books on Vietnam so I dropped by Fahasa.  Sadly, I didn’t find any history books in English. 😦  But I did find a lot on the streets.

Stanley Karnow’s Vietnam: A History has good reviews from Amazon so I got that and the diary of the doctor Dang Thuy Tram, Last Night I Dreamed of Peace.  I enjoy journal-format books and yup, I love reading history books.  I’m a nerd that way.

Do check out the small boutiques along Dong Khoi St.  There really are some good finds there!

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11 Responses to Shopping Like a Tourist

  1. Soki says:

    i used to love reading books… spending 2 days and nights straight without sleeping just to finish a good book… i don’t know what happened… oh well… probably after i finished all my exams, these love for books (non-academic) will be rekindled. =)

  2. Soki says:

    wow! nice stamp. =) parang gusto ko rin nyan. =) hehehe.

    • Lyra says:

      Hey Soki. Forgot to add there are different designs. And I’m sure you can have your own design made. They didn’t want me to take photos eh. Sayang! But I saw the lotus flower, vendor with yoke, cyclo, and some more that I can’t remember. 🙂

  3. Ian says:

    How much is that Stanley Karnow book? I’ve been looking for it here in the Philippines; malls and but no luck! I have his In Our Image and I like how he narrates events.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been here in HCMC for almost two years now but I still enjoy doing the “touristy” thing along Dong Khoi. I love those shops you mentioned and bought from those stores as well. I agree with you that Cincinnati has really nice leather goods. I’ve been drooling over their goods ever since they were still in their old location (across Hotel Continental). Ben Thanh market has lots of stuff but going there and subjecting myself and my toddler (she’s always with me) to the heat and overwhelming number of vendors is, at times, not worth it. It also pisses me off when people charge astronomical prices that I rather shop in stores where the prices are clearly displayed. Well, that’s just me. 🙂

  5. Lyra says:

    Hey Kathleen! I totally agree just staying in Dong Khoi and checking the shops there instead of going to Ben Thanh sometimes. Even Lucky Plaza’s souvenir products are sometimes cheaper. And yes, Cincinati bags are drool-worthy! Ganda talaga! Sana ma-afford ko to buy!

    • Kathleen says:

      We’ll have to save up for one! Love the stamp by the way. I’m thinking if getting one too. Sorry ha, gaya gaya. 🙂

      • Lyra says:

        Definitely kailangang pag-ipunan! 😀 Get the stamp! It’s really nice. Testingin mo lang before leaving the shop. 😀

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