Annie’s Bakery

Sky Garden 3 is sorely lacking in shops — especially on cafes.  There still are lots of empty shops in this area but since it’s not really frequented by a lot of people, it’s no wonder that business people don’t feel it’s time to invest here.  But then again, if you don’t build it, who will come?  Sounds familiar?

My serial entrepreneur friend, Anh, decided to try putting her own bakeshop aptly named, Annie’s Bakery.  It’s actually a fusion of Korean and Vietnamese bread products.  At the front of the bakery slash cafe is a banh mi counter.  At the back are shelves-full of Jujaegeum’s Bakery delicious bread.  Love the macaroons!!!

So now, I don’t have to walk all the way to Jajaegeum in Grandview because Anh brought these products that she loves as well to Sky Garden.

Aside from the usual Vietnamese Coffee and caphe sua da, Annie’s Bakery also serves yogurt drink and pearl milk tea.

Annie’s Bakery opens at 5 am and closes till late.  I was there till 10 PM last night.

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