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Cake Sense

It was my son’s 3rd birthday last August 23.  Throwing a party wasn’t what I really had in mind since his birthday falls right after our trip to Danang and I felt it would be tiring to prepare for a … Continue reading

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Dwelling Places

What better way to see how people lived than to visit their homes? In Hoi An, you can do that.  Several actual homes (people are still living in ’em) have been opened for tourists to take a peek into the … Continue reading

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Postcards from Hoi An

The other highlight of my trip to Hoi An is checking out shops for postcards. 🙂 There were several but unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time browsing their collection. Some of Hoi An postcards are actually … Continue reading

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Bookazine’s gone.

You read it right.  This isn’t like the Lucky Plaza across the street where it said it’ll be closing starting August.  I mean it’s almost September and it’s still open with new shops actually.  Not that I’m complaining. Bookazine owned … Continue reading

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A Visit to an Ancient Town

I’ve always been fascinated with culture, tradition, and the arts that after reading articles about Hoi An, I just knew I had to visit. Luckily, we decided to go to Danang and our hostel was just 30 minutes away from … Continue reading

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Hello Danang!

For my hubby and son’s birthdays, we decided to take a short trip to Danang with my mom and mom-in-law.  We visited Hoi An and lazed by the beach.  Since, we had a couple of senior citizens with us, we … Continue reading

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Love Market!

My mom was reading an old Saigon Guide edition when she saw this article: Apparently, there’s a yearly event in Ha Giang Province called the Khau Vai Love Market every 26th and 27th of the third lunar month.  This event … Continue reading

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