Parked at Au Parc

Before my good friend Ria left for the US for a vacation, we had lunch in one of our favorite places to hang out, Au Parc along Han Tuyen St. in District 1.  Luckily the restaurant wasn’t as crowded on a weekday so we were able to get good seats on the second floor where it’s best to sit back on the cushions and just chill.

This quaint French cafe serve terrific food!  It was a lovely day and sunlight filled the dining area through the skylight.

We ended up sharing grissini with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes —

and lentils salad. 😀

Both photos were beautifully photographed by Ria. 🙂

See you soon Ria and I hope that you get your well-deserved rest after that horrendous experience with PAL!  Let’s have lunch again at Au Parc.

Be safe!

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